Challenges of Scale

As SMEs grow into loftier "enterprises", communication costs seem to scale absurdly. Avaya IP Office Server Edition is the first to disrupt this model, offering a resilient enterprise system at SME prices.

Technology Refresh

Avaya's clear and roadmap-stated midmarket system of choice for the long-term future, Avaya's IP Office allows your company to consolidate, integrate and innovate your telecommunications without the pain.

Evolving Communications

Unified communication systems continue to evolve and now offer everything needed to integrate deeply into customer service systems. Keep your company evolving with Avaya IP Office Server Edition.

Primacy of Mobility

"Any device, anywhere, anytime" is the new mantra of phone systems in business today, and the Avaya IP Office Server Edition platform exceeds expectation in this regard. Develop a mobile strategy to be as productive out of the office as in the office.

Company Collaboration

As a company increases in size, collaboration between different parts of the company and with the outside becomes more and more important. Solve your collaboration needs at one stroke with the new any device videoconferencing components in Avaya Server Edition.

Service First

telefonix Voice & Data: Partner in Customer Excellence

Don't settle for less than the best support - choose an Avaya partner that is recognised with Avaya's "excellence in customer service" accreditation.